boo hoo

Tell me how selfish I am being...

Child support is $800, on top of that, daycare is $600. Jen (the ex) told Scotty, "if you don't want to pay so much in daycare, pick them up on the days I work, and the time they are there, as well as what you have to pay, will go down."

So, she wants us to pick up the kids on the days we aren't scheduled with the courts to have them, so we can pay less in day care fees because she works swing, which is fine, they are better off with us anyway...

The kids are pretty regularly telling randoms that they wish they could live with us because we have more time and energy and we do more thing with them, like make dinner with them, take them to the park and other places, oh, and don't forget, we actually talk to them.

They are really cutting in to my grown up time, so this is what my dad was always talking about... ;)

If this is how it is going to be I think we need to consider what we are going to do about the future and her treating the kids like fashion statements.

I've kinda always just wanted one... just to have, like, my own mini me...

Its not the kids I have a problem with, on the contrary, I love the kids, its the ex I have a problem with.